How Long Does Automotive Paint Take to Dry? Exploring SYBON's Solutions for Distributors

by | Feb 2, 2024

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How Long Does Automotive Paint Take to Dry?

SYBON, a leading professional automotive paint manufacturer based in China, is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for automotive paint needs. With over two decades of continuous research and development, SYBON has accumulated rich experience in automotive paint production and innovation. As a specialized production enterprise integrating manufacturing, sales, and service, we take pride in offering a diverse range of automotive paint products and services.

Product Information:

2K Autocryl Colors

1.Mixing Ratios:
<18 ℃: 2K solid color - Fast drying hardener - Thinner = 100:50:15-35
18-30 ℃: 2K solid color - Standard hardener - Thinner = 100:50:15-35
30 ℃: 2K solid color - Slow drying hardener - Thinner = 100:50:15-35

2.At 25 ℃,Drying Time :
Dust Free: 5 minutes
Tack Free: 2-3 hours
Drying to Handle: 10 hours
Thorough Dry: 7 days

3.At 70 ℃,Drying Time :
Dust Free: 5 minutes
Tack Free: 15 minutes
Drying to Handle: 30 minutes
Thorough Dry: 60 minutes

1K Autobase Colors

Mixing Ratios:
<15 ℃: 1K base coat - Fast Thinner = 100:80-100
15-30 ℃: 1K base coat - Slow Thinner = 100:80-100
30 ℃: 1K base coat - Standard Thinner = 100:80-100


1.Mixing Ratios:
<18℃: Clear coat - Fast hardener - Thinner = 100:50:10-30
18-30℃: Clear coat - Standard hardener - Thinner = 100:50:10-30
30℃: Clear coat - Slow hardener - Thinner = 100:50:10-30

2.At 25 ℃,Drying Time:
Dust Time: 40 minutes
Tack Free: 2-3 hours
Dry to Handle: 10 hours
Thorough Dry: 48 hours

3.At 70 ℃,Drying Time:
Dust Time: 5 minutes
Tack Free: 15 minutes
Dry to Handle: 30 minutes
Thorough Dry: 60 minutes

SYBON's Distributor Opportunities

SYBON not only excels in manufacturing automotive paint but also operates as a one-stop supplier for distributors, offering a comprehensive range of collision repair and automotive painting products. From PPS cups, spray guns, and paint masks to masking paper and protective films, we integrate these high-quality complementary products to provide customers with a complete solution for all their needs in one place.

Company Milestones

Established in 2002, SYBON has grown to become one of the largest professional automotive repair paint manufacturers in China. Our commitment to stable quality, reasonable prices, excellent service, and a strong brand image has earned the trust of numerous agents and customers. With a vast sales network in mainland China and international export markets, we distribute our automotive coatings globally.


By distributing SYBON's automotive paint products, partners can benefit from our outstanding quality and reasonable prices, establishing a win-win situation. If you're interested in becoming a distributor and joining us as a loyal partner, fill out the relevant information on our website form, and we'll get in touch with you promptly. Partner with SYBON for success in the automotive paint distribution business!

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