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by | Feb 4, 2023

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The quality of imported car paint is not good, and customers have been complaining? The price of imported car paint is expensive and there is no profit? The poor service of automotive paint manufacturers makes it difficult to import car paint? If you are troubled by these problems, you need to find this Chinese automotive paint manufacturer, which can solve these problems very well.

Who is sybon?

As one of the best automotive paint manufacturers in China, sybon integrates product development, production and research. It has independent intellectual property rights, patented technology and a first-class garden-style paint production base in China; it also introduces the most advanced European production equipment and Automatic color matching system, specializing in the production of automotive paint products for more than ten years. We have maintained long-term strategic partnerships with famous German paint companies, introduced their cutting-edge technologies, and learned from their rigorous management methods, thus ensuring the leading position of the company's products in the domestic market. Many of its brands have gained a high reputation in the market, and it is the preferred car paint manufacturer for many partners.

What products can Sybon provide?

SYBON has three brands of automotive paint, HKS brand, SYBON brand and Supercoat brand.

SYBON automotive paint includes 2K autocryl colors, 1K autobase colors, 1K Silver colors, 1K pearl colors, 1K crystal colors, clear coats and hardener, thinner and additives, primer and hardener.

We deeply know that wholesalers and car paint store owners want to sell more matching products to earn more profits. SYBON offer products for vehicle restoration and body work. Get products like: car paint, clear coats, car body filler, polish compound, auto detailing products and more.Among them, our car paint, clear coat, polyester putty products are well received by customers and continue to buy.

What value can Sybon create for you?

As one of the best automotive paint manufacturers in China, Sybon adheres to the road of brand management, leading the marketing with the brand and supporting the brand with service. With high-quality products, reasonable prices, five-star service, and excellent after-sales service, we will achieve ourselves by achieving customers.

1. High-quality products

Sybon automotive paint uses high-quality raw materials, and every link of product design, production, testing, use and service is monitored by professional engineers with the latest technical standards. Provide high-quality products, you don't have to worry about quality, you only need to focus on how to expand your sales business.

Sybon adopts advanced equipment, establishes a well-managed paint production workshop, introduces advanced production equipment and precise inspection and analysis instruments from abroad, and adopts high-precision large-scale color matching and filling equipment, automated paint production lines and special process equipment. In order to ensure stable and reliable product quality, computer monitoring is implemented throughout the production process to ensure that the product is 100% qualified

2. Reasonable price

Sybon always adheres to the win-win approach with partners, and achieves sybon by achieving customers. We hope that our partners can grow and develop, and provide reasonable prices to support the development of partners.

3. Five-star service

Sybon has a professional sales team that always focuses on the needs of customers. Cooperating with us, you can really experience our professional advice and quick response service.

4. Excellent after-sales service

Sybon always insists on taking its own responsibilities, so you don't have to worry about having a bad after-sales experience.

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We are one of the advanced automotive paint manufacturers in China, an industry expert in refinish paint technology innovation, and world-renowned body repair shops have chosen sybon when they are looking for high-quality paint solutions.

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