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by | Jun 28, 2023

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Filler for Car Body Repair

Welcome to SYBON, a leading manufacturer of automotive paints and solutions. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our top-quality filler for car body repairs. Our innovative products are designed to deliver exceptional results, ensuring a seamless and durable finish for your vehicle.

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What is Filler for Car Body?

Filler, also known as body filler or automotive putty, is a crucial component in car body repair. It is a thick, paste-like substance used to fill in dents, scratches, and other imperfections on the vehicle's surface. Filler helps to restore the body's original shape, providing a smooth and even foundation for subsequent painting and finishing processes.

The Importance of High-Quality Filler

Using a high-quality filler is essential to achieve professional-level results in car body repairs. SYBON takes pride in offering fillers that meet the highest industry standards. Here's why our fillers stand out:

Superior Adhesion: SYBON fillers are specially formulated to adhere strongly to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and fiberglass. This ensures long-lasting durability and prevents future issues such as cracking or peeling.

Easy Application: Our fillers are designed for ease of use, allowing both professional auto body technicians and DIY enthusiasts to achieve excellent results. They have a smooth consistency, making them easy to spread and shape.

Quick Drying and Sanding: Time is crucial when it comes to car body repairs. SYBON fillers offer fast drying times, enabling efficient sanding and reducing overall repair time. This saves you valuable hours in the workshop and ensures a more productive workflow.

Exceptional Feather Edging: Feather edging is the technique of blending the repaired area with the surrounding surface. SYBON fillers provide excellent feather edging capabilities, resulting in a seamless finish that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the car's body.

Compatibility with Paint Systems: Our fillers are compatible with a wide range of automotive paint systems. Whether you prefer water-based or solvent-based paints, SYBON fillers ensure optimal results, giving your car a professional and flawless appearance.

Application Process

To achieve the best results with SYBON fillers, follow these steps:

Prepare the Surface: Clean the damaged area thoroughly, removing any dirt, rust, or loose paint. Ensure that the surface is dry before proceeding.

Mix the Filler: Follow the instructions provided with the filler to achieve the recommended consistency. Use a clean mixing board and spatula for an accurate blend.

Apply the Filler: Using a suitable applicator, spread the filler evenly over the damaged area. Ensure that the filler extends slightly beyond the damaged area for a seamless repair.

Feather Edge: After the filler has dried, use sandpaper to feather edge the repaired area. Gradually blend the edges until the repair is smooth and flush with the surrounding surface.

Prime and Paint: Once the filler is properly sanded and the repaired area is seamless, proceed with the primer and paint application. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results.


SYBON's filler for car body repairs is the ideal choice for achieving exceptional results and a flawless finish. Our commitment to quality ensures that our fillers provide superior adhesion, ease of use, quick drying times, and excellent feather edging capabilities. Trust SYBON for all your automotive paint and repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive product range.

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