S100 Fast Polishing Wax Car Body Scratch Remover Polishing Wax For Car Polishing

·Polish With Medium/Light/ Abrasion & Swirl Remover

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Fast Polishing Wax


Abrasive Wax

Use on:

Car body,Lights,Bumper,Wheels


Shinny Gloss/Cleaning/ Protection


Remove finishing abrasive sand scratches and other paint surface defects.



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S100 Fast Polishing Wax Polish With Medium/Light/ Abrasion & Swirl Remover

Instructions for use:

1.First, wash the car which will be polished (if local polishing, you can only clean the area that needs to be polished).

2.If you want to remove deep scratches, You have to use 2000# sandpaper to sand first. And then Clean the dust with clean water or wet towel. Do not leave the dust on the paint surface.

3.Spread the wax evenly on the paint surface that needs to be waxed with a sponge (if the whole car needs to be waxed, it should be waxed part by part. Don’t spread the wax on whole car and start polishing, because the solvent in the wax will evaporate in this way. And there will be a lot of dust, it also may destroy the paint.

4.Use a polishing machine with a spherical medium sponge disc (ordinary flat sponge can also be used, you can also use wool ball or rabbit and so on to polish. The sponge ball must be clean and no other wax). 5.Turn the polishing machine at 600 rpm low speed to completely spread the wax, and then increase the speed to 1400 rpm.

6.After all the wax is absorbed, the brightness is fully improved, and the scratches are all removed, then polish next area.

7.After the whole construction is completed, it is better to clean the surface.

Model Number SYBON Product Name Corresponding to Other Brand Product Models
S100 Fast Polishing Wax -
S200 Perfect Machine Polish 3M (05996)
S300 Cleaning Liquid Wax 3M (PN36112)
S400 Advanced Liquid Compound G3 (0685A)
S500 Perfect Fast Cut Rubbing Compound 3M(05954)
S600 Super Duty Rubbing Compound 3M (05973)





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