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Your go-to car body filler vendor, with everything you need to get your auto body repair business
off the ground! SYBON is an ideal manufacturer for your auto body filler wholesale, One-stop
auto body repair/auto paint/auto care solution service, cost-effective contract production.

20+ Years Production Experience

One-stop Car Repair/Paint/Care Solution

Competitive Price

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1675148278 Professional car Body Filler Manufacturer in China

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We Have High Quality Products and Competitive Prices,
So You Can Focus on Making More Money.

Fast Drying & Easy Sanding

No Cracking & No Shrinkage

Good Adhesion & Good Quality

Good Filling Ability & Good Price

1664348086 HK400 Metal Putty Filler Products For Repair Scratches Car Body Fine Filler
HK400 CHPO Polyester Putty
1664352420 HK011 Best Selling BPO Poly Putty Light Weight Body Filler For Car Repair Automotive Scratch Repair
HK011 BPO Polyester Putty
1670916088 HK013 Advanced Polyester Putty Auto Body Filler Putty
HK013  Advanced BPO Car Body Putty
1664360089 HK014 White BPO Carputty Automotive Body Repair Filler Automative Putty Filler
HK014 White BPO Auto Body Filler
1664420489 HK017 High Temperature Conductive Putty High Heat Resistant Polyester Putty Filling High Temperature Conductive Putty
HK017 High Temperature Polyester Putty
1664430524 HK405 Fiberglass Fillers Auto Body Supplies Fiberglasscarbodies
HK405 Glass Fiber Polyester Putty
1664432288 HK706 Good Filling Performance Auto Repair Paint 1K Putty Car Body Filler
HK706 1K NC Body Filler Putty
1664508768 HK706 Free Samples Cheap Price and Excellent Quality NC Putty
HK706 1K NC Putty Auto Body Paint Filler
We Are Proud To Carry The Best Quality Auto Polyester Putty and Supplies For All Your Auto Repair Needs
1665737615 PP600 Disposable Measuring Paint Mixing Cups With Replaceable Disposable Cups One Outer Cup
Plastic Disposable HVLP Spray Gun Cup Kit
1665662258 H100B 1000 B Spraygun Auto Body Spray Guns Air Gun Paint Clear Coat Gun 1.3mm Hvlp
H-1000B The Best Auto Paint HVLP Spray Gun
1666065291 200W 4.8Mx150M Masking Film For Whole Car Sheltering
4.8m*150m Whole Car Protective Masking Film
1665817362 1000N Temperature Masking Tape Automotive Masking Tap Tipe Heat Resistance Masking Tape For Spray
Automotive Refinish Masking Tape
1665802018 H197 Paint Strainer Manufacturer Paint Strainer Mesh 125Mic Nylon Mesh Paper Strainer
Paint Paper Strainers With 125&190 Micron
1665805638 GJ156 6 Inch Random Orbit Sander Professional Air Sander Dual Action Polisher Pneumatic Palm Sander
Air Random Orbital Pneumatic Palm Sander
1666085988 OT 4 125Mm 150Mm Abrasive Dry Sanding Disc Hook And Loop Aluminium Oxide Round Sandpaper Disk
Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs P40-2000 Grits
1666081590 OT 2 Silicon Carbide Sandpaper Factory Suppliers Polished Sandpaper P2000 Grit Wet Or Dry Sandpaper Kind Types
230*280mm Abrasive Sanding Paper
1666087843 1020 Cheap Price Car Cleaning Cotton Sticky Tack Cloth For Car Paint
Car Cleaning Sticky Tack Cloth
1665741029 Fl126 Half Face Respirator Spray Painting Mask Respire
Reusable Half Face Double Respirator Spray Mask
Hang on, We Definitely Have More…

As a professional car repair/ car paint/ car care products manufacturer with our own modern production plant, we’ve developed new products to meet market trends, or even create a new trend!

That’s why our clients will feel excited once they got our catalog, and even more excited once they receive the SAMPLES – in highest quality, and professional service.

1663399414 Car Paint Automotive Paint Manufacturer China
2K Autocryl Colors
1663398726 Car Paint Acrylic Colors Manufacturer China
1K Autobase Colors
1663399670 Car Paint Auto Base Manufacturer China
1K Silver Colors
1674699074 China automotive paint
1K Pearl Colors
1674698749 China car paint
1K Crystal Pearl Colors
1664244508 HK820 Acrylic Lacquer Clear Coat Automotive Lacquer Clear Coat Varnish Paint
Clear Coat (varnish)
1664260452 HK920 Automotive Paint Products Hardener For Car Paint Clear Lacquer Hardner
1664332906 HK720 Standard Thinner Cheap Thinner Price Thinner in Car Paint Auto Paint Removal
1665476781 HK701 2K Automotive Primer 2K Primer Filler 2K Auto Primer
1674739777 1K 2K Binder
1K/2K Binder
Not Only Polyester Putty, But Also Car Polish & Car Care Series

As an one-stop manufacturer, we also have car polish & car care factories to supply products for your projects.

1666171315 S100 Car Polish Paste High Gloss Car Polished Paste Car Polishing Compoud
S100 Fast Polishing Wax
1666172693 S200 Factory Price High Quality Rubbing Compound For Car Paint Fine Car Polish Wax Vehicle Painter Protecter
S200 Perfect Machine Polish Compound
1666175123 S300 Wholesale Factory Car Wax And Polish Best Car Wax Remove Professional Cutting Liquid Car
S300 Cleaning Liquid Wax
1666176771 S400 Scratch Repair Car Wax Car Quality Rubbing Compound Polish Compound
S400 Advanced Liquid Polish Compound
1666178611 S500 Factory Wax Top Quality Car Scartch Remover Scretch Car Polish Scratch Remover Compound
S500 Perfect Fast Cut Rubbing Compound
1666237662 S600 Best Car Wax High Quality Rubbing Car Wax Polish Fast Polishing Car Wax For Quickly Repair Scratches
S600 Super Duty Rubbing Compound
1671158941 S2207 9H Nano Ceramic Coating Anti Scratch Car Polish Car Liquid Ceramic Coat Car Paint Care Hydrophobic Glass Coating
S2207 9H Nano Ceramic Coating
1666250902 S2201 120Ml Plastic Trim Restorer Renew Hand Spray Use Car Care Renovation Rubber And Plastic Renovation Agent
S2201 Plastic Restorer
1666257814 S2209 Car Care Products Private Labeling Wheel Clainer Car Wheel Cleaning Products
S2209 Wheel Cleaner
1666261283 S2202 Silicon Tire Shine Gloss Wholesale Car Detail Tire Shine Tire Polish Shine
S2202 Tire Shine
1666263047 S2203 Automotive Interior Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner For Car Carpet Upholstery Leather Cloth Plastic Seats
S2203 Interior Cleaner
1666350176 S2212 Car Detailing Cleaner Safe For Cars Trucks Motorcycles Car Care Shampoo Washing With
S2212 Car Wash Shampoo
Your Best car repair products/car paint/car care products Wholesale Vendor
  • What discounts can I get on wholesale car repair products/ car paint/ car care products supplies?

Buy more, save more of course. Our wholesale program can support up to 30% discount when buying in bulk.

  • What's your MOQ?

We are happy to provide wholesale car repair products/ car paint/ car care products discounts to all customers who qualify. Each Wholesale discount has a required minimum per order.If you are interested, please send us an inquiry.

1664346192 Quick Repair Car Body Scratches Automotive Surface Filling Putty Bodyfiller Putty Polyesterputty
1662953873 Car Paint Company Best Car Paint China
1662953890 Auto Paint Factory in China


We are a professional car polyester putty manufacturer in China.

Guangdong Sybon New Materials Co; Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter. Established in 2002, Sybon has become one of the largest coating manufacturers in China. We are specializing in the design development and production of automotive paint series.
We are located in Guangdong, China, with convenient transportation access and strong developmental environment. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciates in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
We can supply the whole range automotive refinish paint such as:1K autobase colors,2k autocryl colors, clear coat,hardener, thinner,1K plastic primer,1K primer surfacer,2k primer filler, polyester putty, binder, flip controller, spray gun and so on. We have over 120 employees and our plant covers more than 30,000 square meters.


One-stop Auto Repair/ Auto Paint/ Auto Care Solution

20 Years Your Reliable Manufacturer of Automotive paint.Customers can trust and cooperate with us.

One of the largest auto putty

manufacturers in China

Competitive price with good quality


Best delivery time


Send fast and exact quotation

Professional technical support